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Other services ADS can provide

Apart from aluminium and composite systems, we also undertake supply and installation of steel security doors, brise soliel and circular windows. ADS Fenestration Limited offers a variety of high end services and solutions for commercial buildings.


Steel security doors

These doors are ideal for offices and retail establishments. Our solid panel steel doors are secure, rust resistant, elegant and very reliable. Most manufacturers tend to focus more on the door and less on the frame which has to support the weight of these heavy doors.

We supply frames with one shutter and also those with two shutters. Their width ranges between 90mm to 120 mm. The thickness of our frames is around 60 mm. While our doors and frames are tough, they do not lose out on visual appeal either. We have a wide selection to suit any décor.

Brise soliel

This innovative sun shading technique adds to your building’s external appearance. Our technology combines performance with superior design. These systems are also effective in protecting your curtain walling system from excessive sunlight.

We ensure that our brise soliel systems moderate the amount of heat and light that penetrates your curtain walling system. Additionally, we have designed our systems to protect your glass doors and windows against inclement weather conditions.


Circular windows

We bring you this classic piece of architectural design with a wide range to choose from. Circular windows are no longer solely an option for homes and attics; many interior designers are incorporating them into their design for commercial spaces too.

They are also energy efficient as they are positioned to draw sunlight into your building.


Why hire ADS?

We bring more than just products and services to the table.

  1. Design experts – Our team of installation experts also consists of design experts who can draw up plans for efficiently installing these systems. Without a well planned design, it is quite difficult to effectively integrate these systems into your building.
  2. Supply and installation – We source our products from the best in the industry. It allows us to bring you the latest and best in class products that work well for your needs. We have trained technicians who have enough experience to overcome any difficulties during installation.
  3. Lasting solutions – We understand that our systems have to be secure and long lasting for your business premises. Our products too have been specifically chosen to do the same.

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