Senior Fibre Systems

senior-fibre-systemsAt ADS Fenestration Limited, we offer a range of aluminium, composite and fibre systems for commercial spaces. Apart from manufacturing high grade aluminium products, we also collaborate with some of the industry’s best to bring you versatile commercial installations.

In fact, we are the first manufacturers and installers in the UK to team up with Senior to bring you an exclusive range of GRP windows and doors, and fibre glass windows and doors.

More about our Senior fibre systems

Senior has a dedicated R&D team that strives to bring the best materials and solutions in the fenestration market. UK’s constantly changing building regulations has created a wide market for GRP and fibre glass products that are both durable and environment friendly.

Senior’s pultruded fibre glass system is exceptionally strong, which also makes it dimensionally stable and reliable.

Drawing from the strength of Senior’s superior GRP and fibre glass windows and doors, ADS Fenestration Limited has created a fresh line of commercial fittings. These systems are widely popular for a variety of reasons.

  • They have an impressive strength to weight ratio.
  • They are free of fossil fuels and are non-toxic.
  • They are resistant even under inclement weather.
  • They are non-corrosive.

ADS Fenestration specialises in sourcing fibre glass and GRP materials from Senior and customising them for your commercial needs.

Why hire us for your senior fibre systems?

We offer an endless range of aluminium, composite and fibre glass systems. We have the experience to guide you in making the right choices for your commercial building.

  1. Custom designs and solutions – Our design team will conduct preliminary surveys and draw up designs for your new fibre glass or GRP systems. We include you in this process to incorporate your ideas and requirements too. We go all out to bring you the most innovative and efficient designs.
  2. Low maintenance systems – Both Senior and ADS Fenestration Limited have pioneered in low maintenance systems. Our fibre glass systems are no exception. In fact, our fibre glass windows and doors are also easily repairable in case of damages caused by external factors.
  3. Expert installations – We understand that not all door and window installations are the same. Therefore, we train our staff with the specific skills needed to handle fibre glass and GRP installations and equip them with top of the line tools needed for the installations as well.


From fabrication to installation, we ensure that our materials and services meet high standards.

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