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senior-fibre-systemsWhen it comes to aluminium or composite systems, ADS Fenestration Limited likes to cover all your needs. That's why we source composite materials from some of the industry’s best manufacturers. We can customise these materials for your commercial requirements and install them ourselves.

Senior’s hybrid composite systems are high insulation, timber and aluminium composite structures. They can be well coordinated and used for windows, doors and curtain walling systems.

Advantages of composite windows

Windows in general are exposed year round to heat and cold and it is difficult to clean and coat their exterior often. The main advantages of composite structures are their durability and minimal maintenance.

Senior’s hybrid windows win brownie points for appearance too.

Although, they have a timber like look, they have an aluminium cladding exterior that protects them from any kind of weather. The aluminium cladding in the exteriors also ensures thermal efficiency for your shop or office.

Advantages of composite doors

Doors are frequently used and are consequently more prone to wear and tear. Wooden doors in particular are the biggest culprits as they suffer from expansion when the humidity increases.

Composite installations, on the other hand, are sturdier and remain intact irrespectives of the weather. ADS Fenestration Limited offers premier installation services that can customise any door to fit into your floor space.

Benefits of our services

  1. While Senior takes care of high end materials, we at ADS Fenestration Limited bring you innovative designs and even finish installations to make your new windows and doors fit into your existing decor with ease.
  2. Our technical expertise allows us to format these excellent quality materials and put them to effective use. Technical knowledge has become a prerequisite for most modern installations. Delegating this work to a contractor with no experience in this area could very well compromise your interiors.
  3. We offer end to end solutions beginning with our surveys and drawings, to sourcing and supplying the materials required and finally installing them as per the original drawings. Our thorough process leaves no room for errors in measurements or installations.
  4. Since we source materials directly from Senior avoiding any middle men, we offer competitive rates for our services.
  5. We understand the needs of a fast paced business and ensure timely completion of our services.

Our services have met with much appreciation from our customers. To avail our business-friendly Senior hybrid systems, contact us or call us on 01656 859 131 for a free estimate.

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