Composite Curtain Walling

composite-curtain-wallingComposite curtain walling systems use a combination of materials like aluminium and timber to give the neat finish of wood while relying on the durability of aluminium. ADS Fenestration Limited offers premier composite curtain walling solutions for all kinds of structures. Whether you need a single floor installation or multi level installation for your business premises, we can accommodate all your needs.

Our composite curtain walling services

We manufacture and install various aluminium and composite fittings for commercial spaces. Our extensive services cover the entire southern half of the UK. We are also authorised to install Pultec GRP and NorDan products. Apart from manufacture and installation, we provide comprehensive services including design recommendations, survey, approval drawings and maintenance contracts.

Benefits of ADS Fenestration service

Our services are specifically designed to encompass all your design, material, labour and installation needs. In short, we take care of all your requirements under one roof. Here are four reasons to choose ADS Fenestration Limited for all your composite curtain walling needs.

  1. High resistance systems– Thermal expansion can adversely impact your curtain walling system unless your systems are built to withstand it. We manufacture the composite materials ourselves to ensure that they are of the highest quality and have the right composition to withstand any extreme climatic conditions. We weather proof our fittings to avoid leaks that can damage your walls and interior designs. Our composite structures are also corrosion resistant, and they retain their colour and appearance with minimum maintenance.


  2. Contemporary designs– Curtain walling systems are largely popular due to their aesthetic appeal. So it makes sense to use innovative designs rather than the repetitive designs you find in many buildings. Our design team brings you versatile plans and incorporate your specifications and ideas into it as well.


  3. Affordable systems– Our products and services are competitively priced. Since we manufacture our aluminium and composite systems, we can offer our products at wholesale prices. This ensures that you avoid paying the retail prices as is the case with most contractors.


  4. Skilled labour – Curtain walling is certainly not an easy installation. It requires extensive planning and skilled labour to execute it. Our technicians have the experience and training required to install this system efficiently. They also ensure timely services and avoid unwarranted delays.


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