Composite Bi Folding Doors

composite-bifolding-doorsComposite bi folding doors are a great way to keep the weather out while you enjoy the view from within. They can be customised according to your room’s dimensions. They are particularly popular in hotel pool sides and resorts with private rooms that open out into private patios. They also work well in offices that need conference rooms that can open out into one another. ADS Fenestration Limited brings you an extensive array of composite bi folding doors that can add to your decor.

More about our Composite bi folding door services

We offer a host of aluminium and composite systems for commercial spaces in southern UK. Some of our popular end to end services include composite curtain walling, composite patio doors, commercial doors and windows, shop fronts and secondary glazing. We also offer maintenance services and contracts.

Why hire us for your bi folding doors?

For most contractors, composite materials simply mean a fusion of materials. At ADS Fenestration Limited, we understand that composite materials are used for their endurance and aesthetics and we ensure high quality products that stand out from the rest. We use timber with aluminium cladding that combines elegance with strength.

Here are four more reasons for buying composite bi folding doors from ADS Fenestration Limited.

  1. Diverse options– Bi folding doors can be installed simply as closet doors or as an ostentatious set of doors that open out to a panoramic view. Whatever the use, we have the appropriate system for you. Our manufacturing process also allows you to choose from a better selection of colours for the frame. Further, you can coordinate the style of the frame to better suit your decor from the inside, while giving it a more contemporary look from the outside.


  2. Wide range of parallel services– Our endless list of services gives us the expertise to help you with any parallel needs your building may require. For instance, if you are looking to retrofit your windows while installing your bi folding doors, we can arrange both services for you.


  3. Environment friendly materials– Most businesses are under pressure to use recyclable and environmental friendly materials. Our composite bi folding doors are made from eco friendly materials and are energy efficient too.


  4. Innovative technology – We constantly invest in updating our technology to make sure our products meet all the modern requirements.


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