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composite-windowsEven with the availability of numerous alternative materials, most people prefer to use wooden fixtures for their windows and doors. The simple elegance and rugged appearance of wooden windows are simply no match for any modern systems. The only drawback with these wooden windows are that they need to be painted every few years to protect the wood from decay. ADS Fenestration Limited offers you the only solution to work around this negative aspect – composite windows.

Our composite windows use aluminium cladding to protect the wood and avoid the need to paint them every few years. You can achieve the look and texture of wooden windows while preserving them against rotting.

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We are well equipped to provide you an all-inclusive service that covers all aspects of commercial aluminium systems. Our services cover the entire southern half of the UK, up to the West Midlands. ADS Fenestration Limited provides NorDan aluminium/timber composite windows that offer the highest standards of performance and technical excellence.

Benefits of hiring our composite window service

Our impressive composite window services work well for the following reasons.

  1. Low Maintenance – Windows are constantly exposed to natural elements, making them vulnerable to rotting unless they are maintained effectively. This includes painting them every few years and protecting them from pests like termites. However, our composite windows are designed to pretty much take care of themselves. They last their lifetime without any need for such maintenance and extra care.

  2. Durable systems – Composite windows are also much more durable than wooden windows as they are weather proofed and impact resistant. Our manufacturing process ensures that our windows are less prone to expand, contract or warp, consequently making them less prone to air leakage that causes wear and tear in the long run. Additionally, our aluminium cladding is one of the best in the market.

  3. Classic and contemporary styles – When we furnish you with designs for your composite windows, we take into account your current decor and make sure that our windows are right fit for your existing style. Be it a classic or a contemporary style, we are sure to make our windows blend right in.

  4. Energy saving solutions – Apart from low air infiltration, these windows also have an insulating core that can keep you warm naturally.


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