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alluminium-windows-doorsWindows and doors are key aspects of your commercial space design as they stand out amidst the rest of your décor. They also form an integral part of your external appearance. ADS Fenestration Limited has the ideal solution for your door and window fitting needs. We design and install aluminium windows and doors that are specially manufactured for commercial use.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Aluminium is the second most largely used metal in the world. And that’s not without reason – they are strong and yet light weight, which makes them a very popular part of modern designs. Aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, which makes all your external door and window fittings suitable for any weather. Moreover, our aluminium fittings are also weather-stripped to protect your interiors against inclement weather.  

Six Reasons for Choosing ADS Fenestration

While selecting any product, the key ingredient is the quality of service that comes with it. ADS Fenestration Limited understands this requirement and we have placed a lot of emphasis on planning our services accordingly.


  1. Experienced service – Many contractors who are not used to aluminium systems tend to leave behind an awkward finish that will not sit well with your decor. We have trained and experienced personnel who will ensure that our fittings are well integrated with your decor.


  2. End to end solutions– Since we manufacture the fittings that we install, we have the upper hand in moulding the fittings for your specific requirements. We also have sufficient expertise to offer you design options that will work best for your building’s structure.


  3. Cost effective – Our material cost will also be much lesser than the retail prices you will be paying with building contractors or interior decorators.


  4. Energy efficient systems– We use polyamide thermal break barriers that can increase your building’s overall thermal performance. Apart from keeping your commercial space well lit, these doors and windows help retain warmth, allowing you to be more energy efficient. Many aluminium fitting services use resin thermal break barriers, which can be highly toxic in the event of a fire or when exposed to extreme heat.


  5. Flexible designs– We can incorporate any aluminium door or window into your existing design with our large selection of paints and anodised finishes. In fact, with polyamide thermal break barrier, we can also achieve dual colour effects.


  6. Timely service – We understand the need to adhere to timeframes, especially for busy businesses that cannot afford to inconvenience customers or postpone client visits due to renovations and installations.


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