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shop-front-adsAttractive shop fronts are unquestionably one of the best ways to entice customers to step into your store. ADS Fenestration Limited offers you top of the line shop front fittings. Our aluminium fittings are specifically customised for retailers looking to enhance the visual appeal of their store fronts. Our modern designs and cost effective solutions are quite popular with our customers.

More about ADS Fenestration services

We specialise in manufacturing and installing a wide range of aluminium systems. We cater to both commercial and residential needs. We are based in Bridgend but our services cover the entire southern half of the UK, all the way up to the West Midlands.

We offer end to end solutions including survey, drawings and designs, manufacture and installation. Since we cater to a wide range of aluminium fittings, our experience allows us to bring you the most innovative and environment friendly fittings.

Benefits of choosing our services

We at ADS Fenestration Limited strive to ensure hassle free installations. In fact, our current customers are more than happy to furnish recommendations for our services. Take a look at why our customers are willing to go this extra mile for us:

  1. Minimum alterations– Many contractors add extensive renovation procedures to simple shop front detailing, looking for opportunities to pile on additional expenses. On the other hand, our designs are planned around your existing provisions and with minimum alterations.


  2. Innovative designs– With most interior designers, minimum alterations mean a very similar shop front to the one you already have and wish to change. Although our designs are meant to be minimally intrusive, we also ensure a complete makeover for your store front.


  3. Reliable fittings– We process and manufacture our aluminium systems according to your shop front’s requirements. We use only quality raw materials in our manufacturing process to ensure a high end outcome. Although aluminium is light weight, it is still widely used because it is a strong metal. This property can be retained only through an efficient manufacturing process.


  4. Expert finishing – Good quality materials are not enough to ensure a solid and good looking structure. Our installation experts understand the importance of excellent finish to avoid a crude appearance, which sometimes takes away from even the best designs.


We are more than happy to answer all your queries. Contact us today for a free estimate or call us on 01656 859 131.

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