Commercial Aluminium

Are you designing a commercial space? Looking for professional commercial aluminium systems? ADS Fenestration Limited offers a range of aluminium products and systems that can be specifically customised for your needs. Aluminium is a tough and long lasting material, and our aluminium fittings are an ideal choice for your retail or office space.   

What kind of services do ADS Fenestration offer?

Our end-to-end services include survey, design recommendations, approval drawings, customising and installing aluminum fittings. Keeping all your needs in mind, we also offer maintenance packages as part of our services. On the contrary, if you need simple alterations without any extensive fittings, we would be happy to assist. Our primary commercial aluminium products/systems include:

•    Curtain walling
•    Aluminium doors and windows for commercial spaces
•    Aluminium doors and windows for residential spaces
•    Aluminium bi-folding doors
•    Aluminium shop fronts
•    Secondary glazing


Why hire ADS Fenestration?


  1. Emphasis on quality– ADS Fenestration Limited manufactures and uses only the highest quality aluminium systems. They are polyester powder coated and usually thermally broken to achieve the lowest possible U values.


  2. Environment friendly services– If you are part of the go green drive, you should certainly consider using our aluminium systems. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, without compromising any of its properties. Aluminium fittings are not just recyclable, but also excellent reflectors of light and heat. What’s more green than lower electrical consumption?


  3. Expert care and installation– We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing aluminium fittings and customising them for commercial spaces. We can effectively survey the needs of your business or retail outlet and draw up designs according to your floor plan. Since we offer end-to-end solutions, you will be spared the hassle of hiring a supplier, a contractor and an installation expert. We undertake all three roles effectively, avoiding any additional labour expenses for you.


  4. Excellent quality, better prices – Since we manufacture aluminium, you will be spared the cost of sourcing the material. It also makes it easier for us to customize frames and fittings according to our customers’ specific requirements. We encourage you to call us for an estimate and compare our quotations with your current supplier. 


Located in Bridgend, we cover the entire southern half of the UK, up to the West Midlands. We can furnish you with recommendations from our satisfied customers in Oxford, Southampton, Bicester, Devon and London.
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