ADS Fenestration Limited specialises in manufacturing commercial aluminium products. It is certainly a huge responsibility to manufacture the materials needed for our final product, but we believe that our manufacturing process allows us to ensure better quality and reliable systems for our customers.

More about our products and services

Some of the key commercial aluminium products that we manufacture include windows and doors, bi folding doors, sliding doors, curtain walling systems and shop fronts. We supply and install other commercial products too like composite doors, windows and curtain walling systems, steel security doors, brise soleil and circular windows. Apart from commercial systems, we also design and install various solutions for residential needs.

Benefits of our services

If timely and professional service, reliable products and effective maintenance solutions are not enough to choose our services, here are more reasons why you should.


  1. Quality assurance– The main advantage of manufacturing our own aluminium systems is that we can ensure high quality output. We also update our manufacturing processes constantly to ensure we keep up with the current trends in the industry. Most contractors source their materials from various dealers, leaving you with uneven finishes and some below quality products.


  2. Cost effective solutions– Our customers’ best advantage is that we furnish them with superior quality products at wholesale prices. Most contractors or designers profit from charging you retail prices for the materials used, thereby increasing your overall expenses. Also, in the long run, our eco friendly aluminium systems will save you a lot with their energy efficient properties.


  3. Customised systems– Manufacturing our aluminium systems also means we are flexible with design aspects. It is difficult to diversify on designs when you have to source materials from manufacturers who do not have the technology or expertise to produce aluminium systems suitable for various needs. We at ADS Fenestration Limited firmly believe in supporting the customer’s design requirements over ready made solutions.


  4. Better choice of products – Our manufacturing systems are equipped to produce a wider variety of fittings and frames that are a good match for your existing design. Often commercial installations and interior decoration do not go hand in hand – they are done as and when the budget allows for such alterations. Our wide range of products is designed to gracefully blend in with any décor.

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