installation-ads-fenestrationWhile selecting a product, its always important to look into the key services that come with it. At ADS Fenestration Limited, we appreciate the need for skilled installation services and have trained and equipped our technicians with the latest trends in the industry.
Consequently, our commercial aluminium installations are in par with some of the best in the industry. We provide tailor made solutions and fresh designs that are sure to make your offices and outlets stand out among the rest.

More about installation

Our products and services include manufacture, supply and installation of aluminium fittings and systems and other customised aluminium detailing works. We provide expert care and maintenance for existing curtain walling systems and also for all kinds of windows and doors. We supply and install composite structures, circular windows, brise soleil and steel security doors as well.

Benefits of our services and installation

Our services are wide spread in southern UK and here are a few reasons why:


  1. Damage free installation– Modern installations are constantly evolving with buildings’ design and structure. It is always wise to consider the technical expertise a service can bring to the table. Inexperienced technicians and inadequate tools can cause irreversible damages to your building. ADS Fenestration Limited has a staff of trained professionals who can ensure damage free installations.


  2. Intrusion free installation– Careful planning and comprehensive solutions can ensure that there are no damages to your existing designs and systems. We make sure our installations are a part of your existing environment and do not require extensive restructuring. In short, we install our products based on your building’s capabilities which makes our services more cost effective.


  3. Effective installation– Our systems are durable and long lasting because we install them effectively. Most commercial fittings are put to extensive, rough use and they tend to come apart very soon if they are not well installed. Good materials can serve well, but only equally good installations can hold them in place.


  4. Low maintenance – We ensure that our installations correspond to our products’ requirements. From screws to paints, we use only appropriate, good quality accessories. This leaves you with lower maintenance needs for all your commercial fittings over the years.

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