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drawing-surveys-bridgendAn accurate survey and a clear drawing that can pinpoint measurements and dimensions are crucial factors to consider before installing a new aluminium system for your office or store. This process will leave no room for error in your installations, and it also makes the best use of the available space. ADS Fenestration Limited has an expert design team that can take care of these needs.

Benefits of our drawing and survey service

Measurements and rough sketches may be sufficient for minor residential installations, but a commercial space cannot make do with it. Our services include accurate surveys and drawings based on your floor plan. These drawings serve as a blueprint for our installations.

  1. Scope to improvise – Once you’ve established your needs with a contractor, you have to be sure that he understands them. If your idea is not communicated effectively, you may end up with the wrong design or with fixtures that are too big for the room. Our drawings allow you to get a better picture of what the installations will look like once they are completed and also append changes if necessary. Our measurements and thorough survey also ensure you pick the right fittings considering the space available.
  2. Ensures coordinated designs – At ADS Fenestration Limited we manufacture the aluminium fittings, which means that we can customise our fittings to suit your existing design. A good drawing can show us how best to modify our products to suit your design needs.
  3. Helps avoid protruding structures – Commercial spaces have to make effective use of every square inch available. Our drawings and survey service will ascertain that there are no mistakes when it comes to our measurements. Any mistakes in measurements can leave you with protruding doors and windows that take up more space.

Our process for drawings and surveys

Before commencing work on any of our projects, we begin with a site visit. This visit gives us a better idea about the aluminium system your office or store will need.

Following the site visit, our survey analyst will furnish us with the technical requirements for your commercial space. Equipped with this information, we move onto a discussion forum with our clients to get a clear idea of their preferences and design specifications.

Finally, based on our survey material and your inputs, our design team develops the drawings which is they key to our installations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable designs for your aluminium systems.

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