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ADS Fenestration Limited offers premium aluminium systems for commercial establishments of any size. Our widespread services cover the entire southern half of UK. We offer an extensive array of aluminium fittings and services that can ensure better thermal efficiency while enhancing your existing decor. Our sturdy systems are ideal for both interior and exterior use.

Architectural Commercial Aluminium

We produce high quality aluminium systems well suited for architectural designs and construction. We are equipped to install these systems for our customers, or as per your needs, we can supply our systems to your architects and builders to use during construction.


Manufacture - We manufacture aluminium systems of the highest quality, which are polyester powder coated and also thermally broken to achieve the lowest possible U values. Since we produce our aluminium systems, it allows us to be flexible with designs and colours to match your existing décor. We also use top of the line raw materials and the latest technology to ensure our products meet all modern requirements.
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Installation - We offer excellent installation services to match our high standard products. Our experts are trained to install our systems avoiding damages and delays. Each building or business premises have different set of installation needs and capabilities, which our technicians can identify. Consequently, they follow the necessary precautions while installing our systems. Find out more about our install process >

Drawings - Our drawings form the cornerstone for our systems and installations. They help you visualise the final structure after installation. This service can indentify any design or measurement oversight and allows us to rectify it before fitting your system.
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Surveys  - Prior to commencing any installation or fittings, we rely on accurate surveys to tell us what designs will work best for your shop or office. Our onsite survey allows us to take measurements and locate ideal spaces for our installations. The survey will also help you better establish your aluminium system requirements.
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Supply and Install - Our services include bringing our products to your doorstep and handling all the installations as well. Our manufacture – supply – installation process spares you the trouble of hiring additional services.('Supply only' also available on request)
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ADS Fenestration Limited also undertakes bulk orders for any of our aluminium systems from architects, contractors and other traders. We ensure safe package and delivery of our systems which eliminates the risk of damaging the products during transit.

Our services are interdependent on each other to ensure we deliver high end aluminium systems.

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